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Academy of Grovers

Dear visitors and registered guests of the forum! We are glad to inform you about the launch of a new and unique educational project "Academy of Grovers". In this unparalleled school, students will have an exciting journey through the world of growing cannabis at home. Our teachers will acquaint applicants with unique hemp cultivation techniques, will reveal the secrets of obtaining large yields and will help you learn the most important information in the shortest possible time, which will make the grove more fun and simple.

The Academy has several thematic faculties:

    Indore (earth, coconut, organics);
    Artificial Intelligence.

Education at the academy is paid, because the teachers give applicants the most valuable thing they have: experience and invaluable time. An individual approach is organized for each student. Training can take place in closed group chats, as well as an individual program. Mentors are guaranteed to lead students to an excellent harvest, tell the intricacies and secrets of obtaining resinous cones, and also teach how to develop their own varieties. After successful completion of the courses, students will have the opportunity to work in a promising team of breeders. Those who wish to develop in educational activities will be able to conduct their specialized and narrowly targeted courses and eventually become teachers of our academy.


  1. Enroll in training

    Первый гров, как первая любовь - её нельзя забыть, она всегда в памяти. Мы с радостью обучим каждого желающего, но есть несколько условий, соблюсти которые нам велит законодательство.

  2. Faculty

    Dear applicants and wishing to enter our Academy of Grovers, the educational program of the Academy involves not only training lessons on growing cannabis, but is also divided into several thematic branches. Each faculty has a narrowly focused training program.

    Having chosen the faculty "Indore / Earth / Coconut / Organics", the student will get acquainted with the basics of cultivating cannabis at home, will study in detail the methodology and methods for growing fragrant inflorescences on the ground and coconut, and will master the secrets of organics and other methods of home growing.

    At the Faculty of Biology, students get acquainted with the basics of plant life, the rules for caring for them, the secrets of successfully crossing various hybrids and landrace, as well as obtaining high-quality seeds.

    At the Hydroponics courses, entrants will have an exciting journey into the world of hydroponic cultivation of plants without the use of dense substrates and earth. More information about the faculties of the Academy can be found in this section of the forum.

  3. Technical Section 24/7

    Dear applicants! Teachers at the Academy of Grovers will introduce you to the art of growing cannabis, answer all your questions not only during theoretical and practical classes, but also help to solve a difficult situation at any time of the day. The student and teacher will be able to freely communicate throughout the course seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

  4. Question / Answer

    In this section, students of the Academy of Grovers, as well as guests of the forum, can leave any questions regarding the organization of courses, teaching staff, class schedules and educational methods. Feel free to ask questions. Only an inquiring mind can be fully satisfied. The hope that someone will ask the first question is just a trick of the mind that blocks the flow of new information.

  5. Manual. Useful reading

    In this category of the forum, we will try to lay out the most detailed manuals and useful articles on the cultivation of hemp, from the choice of variety for cultivation, to harvest and the culture of marijuana use. We will collect for you all the most interesting and useful in one place.

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